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June 24, 2017

Book 8, Pumpkin Squash, is now available! Print/signed versions will be presented for the first time ever on July 11 and 12 at the Shipshewana “Flea”Ture. (Unless we’re lucky enough to have it in our hands by the July 1 Cass County Entrepreneurs event. Tiger Lily is thinking we won’t be that lucky. We can hope.)

At any rate, I’m excited, Tiger Lily is excited, and we are already working on Book 9, Snowblind!

June 18, 2017

Join us at Shipshewana!

March 9, 2017

All editions are now available! Please go to the Chasing A Butterfly page to select purchase options. And thank you for reading!

Tiger Lily has a DEAL for you!

Every book I currently have in stock – with old covers and retired ISBN numbers – are now on sale for $5.00! There are no Turtle Soups left, but I still have several of volumes 2 – 6. Price is good while inventory lasts!

Go to the Contact page and send me a message!

July 27, 2016

This is so exciting! We just realized Mommy writes “cozy” novels! That means they are funny, murders just “happen” without gore, relationships “happen” without sex…. This is a term to describe what she has always said, that they are an “easy read.” Well, easy read they are! And cozy! Marketing changes are in store!

July 17, 2016

This is Ko. Tiger Lily asked me to tell you all that we’re trying something new. We’re always hearing negative things. Politics, religion, everything seems to cause arguments and pain. So we’re going to do something different. Tiger Lily is going to start putting positive thoughts out on Facebook every day. We’ll see if that changes anything. If nothing else, it might change our hearts. Go to Facebook to see.

June 27, 2016

It’s my turn to blog!!! I’m Mr. Bean, in case you didn’t recognize my picture. I want to tell you all about our wonderful summer here on the farm. We’ve had some very hot days (phew!), and some pretty cool ones. Like tonight, it’s a perfect night to sit out on the deck and watch fireflies.

It will be pretty nice from now until what Mommy calls the 4th. She says all the loud noise that we hear at night is because of the 4th. She says if we didn’t have lots of trees around, we’d see pretty lights to go along with the loud noise.

I’ve had lots of fun inside the house, too. I’ve learned how to open the freezer and get the ice cubes. Mommy put duct tape on the freezer door so I can’t do that, because she says she doesn’t want to have to throw meat away again. One of these days I’m going to learn how to take the duct tape off. And I learned how to jump from the highest place in the house to the floor. Mommy has a toy to help us climb up there, but sometimes I want to get down quicker. Mommy says I’m going to break my feet.

And I learned how to climb into Mommy’s purse when she forgets and hangs it on the dining room chair. It’s kind of hard to get out, though, and the chair kind of falls down with me underneath it. Ouch. And I learned how to type stuff. Mommy forgot and left her computer open and walked away, and I typed lots of stuff into the new book. Mommy was really happy. She danced around the room for a little bit.

Well, it’s time for me to go. Little Socks is butting her head against the desk, like she has a headache or something. That always means “stop what you’re doing because I think you’re stupid.” I’m not stupid, but I have what Mommy calls a healthy respect for Little Socks. She’ll bop me on the nose!

June 18, 2016

Book 5, A Rock And A Hard Place, is ready to order! I don’t have printed books in my hand yet, but you can get printed copies from Amazon. Give me a couple of weeks if you want to order from Etsy or if you just want to go through me. We’re so excited! Thank you for reading! Purchase options can be found here!

June 14, 2016

This is Kali. Mommy asked me to tell you about Book 5, A Rock And A Hard Place. Mommy is uploading that book right now. Well, right now, she’s in that “spot” where she has to wait on the people on the other end of the airwaves get back to her so she can do “the next step.” And she’s uploading all new covers and some of the pages of the other books, because she says, “You have to keep that information fresh.” Whatever that means. She didn’t re-write the books or anything like that.

Anyway, she said she’ll probably be letting people know sometime next week that they’re available.

I’m really excited about this book. Ko and I get to learn some new skills in this book. You shouldn’t be surprised that we’re very intelligent, but you might be.

Oh! I can’t forget to say HAPPY FLAG DAY!

June 7, 2016

This is Handsome Mo. Tiger Lily asked me to blog again, so here I am. I’m going to tell you what Mommy’s doing with Book 5, A Rock And A Hard Place. She has finished writing the book (you can see a preview of the first chapter on the website), and now she’s proofreading. This means that she has to read it through all the way (it’s a good thing she does this, because she already found something out of order and she’s only to chapter 5!), and then she’ll read it backwards. She says that’s to try to make sure everything is spelled right. Because, you know, spellcheck doesn’t catch everything. She might want to say “sign” and it comes out “sigh” or something else silly. She says the book cover is done (you can see that on the web as well), so maybe it will be published sometime next week. Mommy says she likes this book. I haven’t read it yet. Tiger Lily was hanging over her shoulder, so I couldn’t get in there to see.

June 1, 2016

Dis is Sassy Pants. Tiger Lily sez its my tern again to blog. Little Socks says I shudnt be loud to blog less someone corrects my gramma. I duznt know witch gramma she means, but none of dem is in a place that we can correct them. And anyways wot duz dat have to do wif my blog? I want to say dis about dat. I is smart. I is kind. I is important. (I tink I saw dat in a moobie bout some help.)

Mommy sez to tell u we has a new stor. Itz TigerLilysCafe at Etsy. Go see us dere!

May 29, 2016

Tiger Lily here. This is Memorial Day weekend. Lots of people see this as a great three-day weekend, a chance to go see a big race, or head to the lake, or take motorcycle rides. It’s great for these things, but please take time to remember the veterans that gave their lives in service of their countries.

Mommy told us about Granddaddy, how he served in World War II. He made it through that war, but like most vets, it bothered him for the rest of his life. What he remembered more than anything were the men he was with. Lots of those men never came home.

Please take time to remember all of them, so people like my Granddaddy can rest in peace.

Oh, and Mommy said one more thing. Memorial Day was special for Granddaddy for more than one reason. He married Grandmommy on that day (May 30, the “real” Memorial Day), and Grandmommy’s birthday was that day, too.

So on this year’s Memorial Day, which falls on their special day once again, happy birthday, Grandmommy (she would have been 92), and happy anniversary Grandmommy and Granddaddy (they would have been married 70 years).

May 9, 2016

This is little Socks. I can’t believe it has taken this long for Tiger Lily to get to me. She knows I am – by far – the most intelligent of the family.

I wanted to talk to you about social justice. What is social justice? It is accepting everyone on their own merits.

I could be standing next to a Manx. Can you imagine? A cat without a tail! It’s a genetic mutation! (No, really, it’s really a genetic mutation that spawned a new breed of cat.) I could be uppity and look down my nose at that cat. Or, I could decide that it’s not that cat’s fault to be born without a tail. Or let’s say he was a white cat, and I’m a beautiful black one. Or, how about this? It’s a boy and I’m a girl. Or it could be a girl and I’m jealous of other girls, but that’s not right, either.

And what about that cat’s family? Should I care about the humans? Who they are, what they believe, how they dress, how much money they make? And for those of you who said, “yes,” why is that? Does that hurt you somehow? And guess what? We all use the same litter pan! I could be upset about that.

I could go on and on, but Tiger Lily is butting her forehead against the sofa. I think she’s hoping I’ll stop now. So I will. But let me say one more thing, there are dogs in this world also, and we have to treat them just the same.

May 4, 2016

This is utterly ridiculous. A blog? Just feed me! (This is Ko.)  Tiger Lily said I had to tell you that you can find us at Bring food.

April 27, 2016

I wanted to blog earlier, but Tiger Lily said I had to wait my turn. Well, it’s my turn now! I want to say something important.

Ahem. There is a very important election coming up.

Tiger Lily said I can’t talk politics, but this isn’t politics. This is all about everyone going to the election place to vote. There are primary votes – that’s going on right now – and then there is the general vote. Or election. Whatever. That happens several months from now.

So listen to me. If those political ads and Facebook posts and news stories turn you off and you decide you have had enough and you won’t go vote, that’s wrong! If you’ve had enough, then you have to go vote! Vote for the people you think will help us the most, whoever that is.

Me? I’ll see you on election day! Mommy says to tell you Indiana does the primary vote next week, on Tuesday, May 3. Where we live, you can go to any of the polling places. Look for those places in the paper or online at

Oh. Tiger Lily said I have to tell you which kitty I am. I’m Mr. Bean.

April 19, 2016 

Tiger Lily said I was supposed to blog now. This is Kali. I don’t know why I have to blog. My adoring public doesn’t need to hear or see me to…oh…my adoring public will see me! Well! If there are any handsome men out there wanting to meet a voluptuous kitty kat, here I am!

April 14, 2016

Tiger Lily has been so excited about Book 5 coming together so close on the heels of Book 4 that she insisted we give everyone a preview.

Excerpt from Book 5, A Rock And A Hard Place.

Chapter 1: The Rock

Mem’s naturally calm demeanor was gone. Perhaps never to return. In a weak moment, she agreed to be the local organizer for the first annual Chelsea Rock & Gem Show. Mem could only hope this would be the first and the last that involved her.

Never again, she thought to herself. Never, ever again. READ MORE…

April 14, 2016

Holiday is the most recent publication. We all hope you love it!

Excerpt from Book 4, Holiday.

Chapter 1: All I Wanted Was A Holiday

Annie sat at her small kitchen table. She looked out the balcony doors that faced the lake, a chill, gray fog keeping the horizon at bay. She felt a kindred spirit with the lake: choppy, colorless, and hemmed in by the atmosphere. A storm was brewing.

A cup of coffee in her hands, she sipped slowly, wondering if she should get up and start her day.

Tiger Lily sat in the middle of the table. She looked at Annie intently, communicating silently but clearly, “How could you do this to us?” READ MORE…

April 8, 2016

Handsome Mo here. Tiger Lily says it’s my turn to blog. I’d like to say this about Little Socks. She’s less than half my size and she always gets her way.

March 26, 2016

Full moon dream last night. I was with co-workers from several years ago; I was supposed to be driving one car (of several) going to a meeting. I lost the group, lost my way to the parking lot, found myself rolling quickly down country highways in a wheelchair (!). Suddenly looked down to see Sassy Pants running beside me – across a very big country highway intersection. I called to her and, without either of us stopping, she jumped into my lap.

I couldn’t find the group and found myself in a little lake-front colony of people who appeared friendly but…weird… I asked for directions, and as I was leaving (in the wheelchair with Sassy Pants in my lap), someone said, “Aren’t you the one that…” I can’t remember what it was, what I had done, but the answer was yes. People turned unfriendly, and I next found myself in yet another, more heavily populated lakeside community, sans wheelchair, Sassy Pants in my arms.

Then I couldn’t find my sunglasses. Then I couldn’t find my phone. I realized my phone was at the less-friendly community, and I headed back there, but first, Sassy Pants had to pee! I put her down, she made a mess, I went to get paper towels to clean it up, and the next thing I know, I’m at the lake, surrounded by lots of people. In the distance I see Sassy Pants, frazzled, hair standing on end all the way down to her toes. She runs away, not having seen me.

I walk in that direction, calling her. She eventually hears me and comes running, hair still standing on end, her whole body shaking, and she jumps/I catch. She clings to me, four feet full of claws (in real life she only has back claws), and we make our way back toward the less friendly place to find my phone….

I woke up. Sassy Pants was sitting at the foot of the bed staring at me.

Huh. Full moon. Go figure.

March 22, 2016

Dis is Sassy Pants. Tiger Lily sez I can rite on the blogger. I askted what to rite about and she sez to rite about anyting important. So Ize gonna rite about kibbles and such. I has to have special kibbles, cuz I gots what Mommy calls a tendency to get stones. I don’t know what she talks about, cuz I duznt got stones nowhere. There Rnt stones in the house. But anyway, I gets special kibbles. But I shares my kibbles with the rest of the kids.

And now, Tiger Lily gets really special kibbles. She gets tuna juice and broasted chikkun and yogurts and stuff. And sheze very particooler. Like if she had chikkun at breakfat she duzint want it at lunch. And if she likes tuna juice one day, it has to be sammon the next. But Mommy duzint know what in the world she wants, cuz Tiger Lily duzint tell her. She just sits and stares at Mommy to mind mold her or sumfin. So Mommy sez, “Big gurl you drives me crazy.”

March 18, 2016

Holiday is published! Follow this link for purchase options!

March 16, 2016

Tiger Lily here. Some of you that know my Mommy, well, you know that housekeeping isn’t her thing. The house isn’t a pit or anything, but, well, it could use a little care. My Grandmommy gave her a Christmas present one time, a plaque that says, “I can’t clean house and save the world at the same time!” That hangs proudly in the kitchen. And Mommy says that she isn’t Martha Stewart, and she doesn’t aspire to be.

That’s why we helped her out last night. Yesterday, Mommy cleaned the whole house except for the kitchen, because it got dark, and her excuse for not cleaning the kitchen then was, well, because it was dark. (By the way, she still needs to get to that. She says she’ll do it “tomorrow.”)

Before yesterday, she had neglected things for a few weeks, concentrating on that fourth book. Well, that’s her excuse, anyway.

So with brand, new clean floors in the TV room and the bathroom upstairs, we wanted to be helpful. I’m not going to snitch and tell Mommy which one of us it was, but one of us, in an attempt to help keep the floors clean, urped up in one of her shoes.

You should have heard her this morning. I didn’t understand what she was saying, so it was probably French or  something.

Well, we didn’t get the mess on the floor!

January 29, 2016

Tiger Lily here. Mommy has been really awful about updating this page, so I thought I would do it for her.

First of all, she told me to say she has joined a writer’s group, and that’s pretty good for her. There are interesting people, and she’s written a few things for that group. Actually, I wrote the first one. She was taking credit for something I did.

Also, she is working on Book 4, Holiday, but it’s going really slow. She has to pick up the pace. There is a Valentine’s Day theme for that book, but she said I couldn’t say any more.

I promise I’m going to make her do more writing on this page. That’s my new year’s resolution. One of them, anyway.

I hope you’ve been enjoying your winter so far! Talk to you later!

May 4, 2015

I’m not a bad housekeeper. Really. I’m not. It’s just that I’m not Martha Stewart. And I have six cats. Six hairy cats. Six hairy cats that need kitty litter. And who sometimes throw up. In the most inaccessible or inappropriate places. And who have lots of their own, unique toys, like plastic straws, and plastic lids off to-go drinks, and sometimes the to-go glasses, and little plastic cups that come off cough syrup, and boxes. Lots of boxes. Big ones. Little ones. So, my house looks as if it’s strewn with garbage that didn’t make it into the wastecan. And, let’s be honest, I don’t like housework, enough so that Mom, many years ago, gave me a plaque that says, “I can’t clean house and save the world at the same time!” All that being said, today is a rainy day, so it was put to good use. Upstairs clean. Almost. And downstairs can wait for another day.

April 27, 2015

I heard Kali in the kitchen, singing the mournful song of her people. When I checked, she was sitting on the kitchen counter with the rainbow from the crystal shining on her breast. So, did she sit there purposefully to commune with the sun, or did she accidentally sit right THERE to begin her song? I think it was intentional. But I’m biased.

April 13, 2015

It’s a rainy day today. The kids and I are in the office. I’m looking out the bow windows, watching a spring rain come and go. The weather verges on too-cold-for-open-windows, but the fresh, clean spring air smells so good. Tiger Lily can’t be seen, When she’s hungry, she will come out, sit quietly to my right and a little behind me, and assume that I can see and understand the meaning of her silent stare. She will want her “special” food, the kind that only she is supposed to eat, so it has to be kept up until she is ready for it. As a kitten, her nickname was The Princess (Prin CESS) Tiger Lily. She lives up to the name. Little Socks is sleeping in between me and the computer, helping to type on occasion by stretching a leg onto the keyboard or curling her head onto the finger pad. Kali is sound asleep in a box that is half her size. Ko has rearranged a couple of blankets and is taking up half the sofa. Sassy Pants was curled into a ball on the sofa, but she has decided to hide from the bouncy Mr. Bean. Mr. Bean has misbehaved all morning and is now sitting on a high perch, watching, waiting for the right time to pounce on an unsuspecting kitty. And so begins another week.