Cast of Characters

Annie Mack, with the help of her “kids” and a talented staff, owns and manages a B&B, a cafe and other businesses on the south side of The Avenue.

Annie’s SASHET Rainbow is a model that assigns color to each core feeling. Sadness is blue; Anger red; Scare green; Happiness yellow; Excitement orange; and Tenderness purple. For more information about the psychotherapy model, visit Liberation Psychotherapy, Frank & Dix Morris:

Ben is a college student. He works part-time at several places on The Avenue. His sister is JoJo.

Boone provides repair, preventive maintenance, landscaping and snow removal for everyone on The Avenue. He is married to Harriet.

Candice is the head waitress at Mo’s Tap. She and George, after several years of an off-again-on-again relationship, are now married.

Carlos is the manager and baker at Mr. Bean’s Confectionary. He is from Mexico and is now an American citizen.

Cheryl inherited The Marina from her parents. It’s a small deep water marina with basic amenities. Cheryl is married to Ray.

Chris is the Officer in Charge of the Coast Guard Station. His sketches – in charcoal, pencil and pastel – are sold for charity. He is Annie’s “special friend.”

Clara owns the flower and gift shop, Bloomin’ Crazy. She grew up in a tropical climate and is influenced in that fashion. She is in a relationship with Ramon.

Cookie cooks at Mo’s Tap, but he has opened a fine dining restaurant inside Tiger Lily’s Café. The Bon Vivant Grille is open Friday and Saturday evenings.

Daniela is a former professional baker from Mexico; she and her daughters now live in Chelsea close to her son, Carlos.

Daryl and Donny are the young adult children of Boone and Harriet. They work in the family business and attend college part-time.

Diana is the chief instructor at L’Socks’ Virasana (veer AHS ana). She is Mem’s daughter. She has a long distance relationship with Harrison Jones.

Felicity is the chef at Tiger Lily’s Café. She is young, perky and extremely talented in the kitchen.

Frank owns an antique shop, Antiques On Main. He and Mem are in a relationship.

Gema owns Gema’s Creations, a custom design jewelry business. She has space in the front corner of Antique’s On Main.

George is the bartender and manager of Mo’s Tap. His only ambitions are to live simply and enjoy life. His wife, Candice, may try to change that. Or not.

Georgia manages the kitchen at the Bon Vivant Grille on weekends, coordinates catering for the Café, and cooks part-time at Mo’s Tap. Her father, Fred Calendar, comes to town on occasion to see her and her daughter Frederica (Little Fred).

Geraldine Foxglove was the leader of the “it” crowd in high school. Somehow, life didn’t turn out quite as she expected. Everett is her on-again-off-again husband.

Ginger is the daughter of Pete and Janet. She works at L’Socks’ Virasana to help pay for college.

Greg is a progressive realtor in Chelsea. His goal is to get the right property to the right owner, always moving Chelsea forward.

Gwen is Annie’s accountant at a firm called Beancounters. A 60-something motherly figure, her financial acumen is hidden from all but those lucky enough to have her in their corner.

Hank used to be a member of the Town Council. He opposes Annie in every way.

Harriet (Hilly) cleans all of Annie’s businesses. She is married to Boone.

Harry is the regular driver for the rental company used almost exclusively by folks on The Avenue.

Henrie manages the KaliKo Inn. He never speaks about his background. He runs the B&B in an elegant manner.

Holly and Jolly, twins, own DoubleGood, an electronics and hardware store. Holly lives in a wheelchair.

Ian is a childhood friend of George. He coordinates local sporting and team events.
Isabel moved from Mexico to marry Carlos.

Janet, married to Pete, spent 20 years as a Marine officer’s wife. She traveled the world and is now living in Chelsea. She is an outsider, not having grown up here like Pete.

Jennifer and Marie, sisters and nurse practitioners, own The Drug Store and The Clinic. Folks call the sisters before calling 911.

Jenny Howe is an attorney focusing on family law. She enjoys taking on cases that will right an injustice.

Jerry is the candy maker at Mr. Bean’s Confectionary. He learned how to make candy in a minimum security federal prison. He was not an employee.

Jesus manages Sassy P’s Wine & Cheese and also selects the wines. His family makes wine; he prefers to choose them.

JoJo is a college student. She works part-time at several places on The Avenue. Her brother is Ben.

Laila owns Babar Foods. She has three children, the youngest of whom, Carl, has Autism. James is now a college student; Ava is in high school.

Marco is a police officer in Chelsea.

Martha used to own a bed and breakfast. The cottage was renovated to add an apartment suite, now occupied by Georgia and Little Fred.

Mem owns the health food store and cyber café, CyberHealth. Her wisdom is reassuring to everyone, including her daughter, Diana.

Minnie chooses perfect cheeses to accompany the rotating wine selections at Sassy P’s Wine & Cheese.

Nancy and Sam are Annie’s mother and step-father. They have been married since Annie was a child.

Pete is a native of Chelsea. He retired from the Marine Corps and is now the Chief of Police. He and his wife Janet have three children, the eldest of whom is Ginger. Clarice and Tamara are in high school and junior high.

Ramon (ra MONE) is in a relationship with Clara. He plays saxophone with a jazz fusion band called Bergamasco.

Ray owns and operates The Escape, a yacht fashioned into a cruiser for fishing, diving and pleasure. His yacht is painted in rainbow colors to match the colors on The Avenue. He is married to Cheryl.

Rosa and Valeria are the sisters of Carlos, daughters of Daniela.

Teresa pastors a small church, Soul’s Harbor. She came to this community to serve.

Terrence & Jerald Timmer-Schmidt have a medical office building in town. Terrence is a heart surgeon; Jerald is a psychiatrist.

Trudie is the barista at Tiger Lily’s Café. She is from Jamaica and ended up in Chelsea quite by accident.

And The Companions

Annie has seven “rescue kitties.” From Annie’s perspective, each of them rescued her.

Tiger Lily is a beautiful tabby cat with soft green eyes. She is the titular manager of Tiger Lily’s Café, the main gathering place for Chelsea. She is generally calm and logical.

Little Socks is a bright-eyed black cat with white socks. She has a commanding personality and is small and sneaky enough to serve as a cat burglar. She spends time at the yoga studio, L’Socks’ Virasana (veer AHS ana).

Kali, Ko and Mo are litter mates. They shared a secret language as kittens; Kali and Ko now speak “cat,” but Mo still speaks “secret.” Kali and Ko can be found at the KaliKo Inn, a lakeside B&B. Mo will be at Mo’s Tap, an upscale blues bar.

Sassy Pants is aptly named; it’s difficult to keep this girl’s attention. She is overly sensitive and will react out of emotion instead of reason. She entertains at Sassy P’s Wine & Cheese.

Mr. Bean is the baby of the family and is mostly gray with traces of tiger. He has two speeds: fast and love me.

Claire is a blue point Himalayan whose human is Frank. She’s beautiful and loves people. She is stand-offish with other cats.

Cyril is an English setter whose human is Pete, the Chief of Police. Cyril is friendly and calm. He is an excellent hunter.

Fiamma is a Bergamasco with hair a mottled combination of brown, gray and black. Tangled, curly hair covers her face completely, and long mats of hair, some resembling dreadlocks, cover her body. She is an outrageous flirt. Ramone is her human.

Honey Bear, sometimes known as the Dreaded Uncle Honey Bear, is a large, golden, long-haired mutt of a cat who believes it is his perfect right to be anywhere. Other cats hate him. He belongs to Annie’s mother, Nancy.

Jock is a Portuguese water dog whose human is Ray, the captain of The Escape. Jock is spirited and affectionate; he loves children.

Oscar McMurphy was a stray, named Scaredy Cat by the kids. Despite the name, she is a girl who now lives with Holly and Jolly. She claims Holly as her very own. She is often in and out of the Inn and other places on The Avenue with her brother, Simon Finnegan.

Simon Finnegan was a stray, named Fat Cat by the kids, who now lives with Holly and Jolly. He claims Jolly to be his mom. He is often in and out of the Inn and other places on The Avenue with his sister, Oscar McMurphy.

Speckles is a tabby with brown spots on a cream-colored coat. She belongs to Georgia and is Little Fred’s chief nanny.

Tillie was rescued from his dreadful family from England. She is a Jack Russell Terrier and now belongs to Isabel and Carlos. She has free run of The Avenue, including the Inn.